Top 10 posts of 2011

Well, December has been a slow month for me on this site, thanks Mostly to the new site I recently launched with my Brother – . What has been amazing to me though is that you all keep coming back, however.

I mentioned in post #200 that this site has seen some really amazing growth this year, and to wrap up the end of the year, for those who will still be reading blogs, I plan on posting the top 10 posts  of 2011. These are going straight by the number of views each of these had, which I honestly didn’t even know which post was going to be the top until I started editing this one. I was surprised that some posts that brought in the most traffic in any given day either aren’t in the top 10 or are towards the low end, and in fact the top post is one that never really had an amazing day for views.

It has been a good time reading through some of these posts again. It was a long year, but Ill get into that in another post.

So beginning on Monday the 19th, I will post the top content from this site, one per day, until December 30th.

Thanks again for reading, and making this site an awesome way for me to share my thoughts with others. God Bless, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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