Setting up an online clothing store is pretty simple contrary to what you think. Once you have gotten a platform to set up your store on, you have done 50% of the job. After that, you have to know some steps to set up your online clothing store.

So let’s dive in and build your online clothing store.

    1. Choose a name. First, you have to choose a name for your brand. When you choose a name, you should make sure that your name is very easy to remember, available for domains and available for Business name registration.
    2. Choose your products. Yeah I know you are into clothing, but you have to be specific on what type of clothing you are into; shirts, dresses, skirts, or all of the above. Once you have chosen your products, you would then know your target audience. Before you release your product into the world, you should test it first. Testing your product will make you know it’s worth and value.

  1. Get a domain name. If you want to sell online and build your online presence successfully, you have to get a domain name. Make sure that your domain name is simple to remember and spell. You can buy a domain name through a host or Shopify. It is also advisable to buy additional domain extensions for your domain name for security reasons.
  2. Get a shopping cart. The fastest and easiest way to get your clothing store online life is to register with a shopping cart. You can use Shopify. Shopify has an easy to use interface, and it suits almost every small e-commerce store. One good thing about Shopify is that they keep updating their applications and templates to tailor your website to your customer. With Shopify, you can go behind the scenes and change your page information or logos, change freight information, add or delete products, choose your own credit card payment gateway, and select a template store design.
  3. Put your products on your site. You already have a website; you have to start uploading products to sell. You will need some awesome product photographs, and description which will include the price, size, color, and other necessary information of the clothes.
  4. Set up social media accounts. You need social media if you want to sell online successfully. Although not all social media is necessary for you. just choose social media accounts that you need.


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